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Hetch Co. has the privilege to help customers reduce 30% of their electric bill expenses by optimizing their residential/commercial spaces with modern energy saving led lighting.

Hetch Co. offers all-inclusive modern LED Lighting solutions. Our LED Fixtures are based on significantly cutting electricity expenses and save you a good amount of money. We also get rebate/incentive from electricity companies to our community, and we do all work and paperwork from A to Z to get the rebate for our community.

You Get the Following Advantages While Working with Us:

  1. Survey at the Facility without any cost.
  2. Analysis of cost-benefit, so you know how much money you will save.
  3. Processing of Utility rebates.
  4. Highest quality products.
  5. Clean-up and removal of old lights.
  6. 3-5 years warranty on products.

Our Diverse Range of Customers Includes:

  1. Multi-family residential customers.
  2. Parking structures.
  3. Office buildings.
  4. School districts and more.