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Your Hetchco product simply fails to work for any reason during the first five years of purchase.
You received your Hetchco product with any apparent physical damage.
This warranty expressly excludes damage or defects caused by or arising from
Any damage from improper use, misuse, or neglect including:
1- Resulting from incorrect installation.
2- Caused from a power voltage surge.
3- Due to improper storage, handling or transport.
4- Caused by failing to comply with the relevant product specifications and the relevant use (i.e. voltage, installation, ballast and dimming compatibility).
Any damage caused from operating above or below the rated AC voltage or AC current.
Any ambient operating temperature that exceeds: -20c to +40c.
Any defect to the product caused by improper installation in other products.
Any defect caused by improper maintenance and/or use.
which results from unavoidable natural disaster, fire, flood, earthquake, collision, theft, etc.
Any other corresponding to the common category of exclusions.